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Freelance programmer.
Freelance programmer and journalist at your service!
If you need a computer program, project management or instructions and supporting documentation, make the most of my experience and knowledge and use benefits of freelance cooperation.


I am into computing since the early 80's of the last century (yes, 8-bit time). Programming attracts me since the beginning. I achieved my first successes during the time of 8-bit computers (game Kung Fu published by BugByte from England was 14 weeks in the first place on the top list). I published the first commercially offered programs for personal computers in Croatia.

All these years I actively promote computers and computing (I admit, I'm one of those responsible for its popularity). That manifested in more than 30 books that I published in Croatia, and the articles I published as a freelance journalist in various IT magazines in this area.

Mostly I am programming in Android, but my true "love" is the assembly language.

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